What To Do After You Have Written A Guest Blog

Having your guest blog published on another blogger’s website is a great thrill. You will have contacted them, formed a rapport, established a relationship and they will have agreed to share your guest blog with their readers. You will have worked hard to write a great blog and the finished product is something that you are proud of. It goes live amidst an excited chatter of comments, tweets and other feedback. Now what?

When it comes to really effective guest blogging, it is important to note that your job is not over whenever the other blogger clicks the publish button. There are many things that you should be doing after writing a guest blog to further improve the impact that it has.

Promote it Like Crazy

When you have written a guest post, don’t assume that the other blogger will be doing all the promotion work just because it is published on their blog. Sure, they are probably sharing it with their followers but why not share it with yours as well and increase your reach?

Any guest post you write should be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and all other social media avenues that you use within your business.

Reply to All Comments

If your blog post is well-written and engaging, chances are it will stimulate a discussion. Don’t just disappear; instead be a part of this dialogue! When readers see that you are actively responding to comments on your guest post they will see that you are passionate about what you have to say and they will be more likely to click through to your blog.

Also, replying to comments helps you to answer questions and clear up any confusion, ensuring that your message is coherent and well-understood.

It can be tricky to stay updated on a comment thread that exists on someone else’s blog, but many comment systems allow you to check a box to request notifications when someone replies to you.

Thank the Blogger

In the past, it was proper etiquette to send someone a ‘Thank You’ card when they invited you over or did you a favour. Although these days you don’t need to send the blogger a handwritten note on your best stationery, it is a really good idea to send them an email thanking them for letting you guest post on their site.

Not only is it a very nice and polite thing to do but it will also leave your name at the forefront of their mind in a very good light. If they are looking for more guest posts in the future or some other beneficial collaboration, they will be more likely to think of you.

Ask to Write a Follow Up

If your guest blog has really generated a buzz and many great questions have been asked and answered in the comments, you could try approaching the blog owner and proposing another follow up piece. This new blog could address the topic in further detail and provide information that the first one may had missed, or give an update on an event or process that was introduced in the first blog.

The follow up can add a lot to the original blog post and can really tell the whole story. Make sure that the original post and the follow up post link to each other so that readers can easily find them both.

Whenever your blog post is published on another blog, these are the important steps that you should follow. Promoting the post, replying to comments, thanking the other blogger and proposing a follow up are all great ways to make that guest post more effective.

Ian Phillips is a writer who believes that there is so much that you can do in terms of Guest Blogging after you have had your content published on another blog. By promoting your work and contacting others, you can ensure that you work reaches a wide audience.

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