Social Media And Technical Terms

Social media plays a major role in online marketing. In the recent years, it has gained momentum like never before. Social media has become an integral part of web user’s life. It is hard to imagine a life without social networking sites. Social media has completely changed the approach of traditional online marketing strategies. There are social networking sites which help to stay in contact with friends, share images, videos, update status and acts as a platform where you can meet likeminded people. Younger generation is addicted to one or the other sites. Social networking sites such as Facebook,

Google+, Twitter and YouTube have become a part of our lives. According to a new report nearly 60% of big associations use social media to promote their brands and interact with their potential customers. If you want to advertise your products effectively and increase the brand loyalty, adopt social media marketing methods for your business to gain good profits.

Following are the technical terms used in social media:

Application Programming Interface: It is used as an interface by a software module or a software package which permits one software app to interact the other software application. For instance Twitter Application Programming Interface.

Avatar: It is a graphical image that denotes people who are using internet.

BackType: To measure social engagement, business employee. BackType is a social media analytics organisation. Earlier, it started its operation as blob comment search engine.

Blogsphere: It defines the total number of blogs that are present online and the communication that takes place in the blog.

Folksonomy: It is used to classify the information such as libraries. You can modify less structured ways with the help of folksonomy by categorising the adding tags.

Craiglist: It is an online store to sell different kinds of goods to the customers.

Digg: If you want to rate and submit articles, use Digg which is a social news website. Articles which get majority votes appear on the website; ultimately it leads to more traffic to that particular site.

Podcast: It is a video or audio content which can be copied directly from subscription to listen offline.

Voice over Internet Protocol: You can make international phone calls without paying additional charge with the help of your personal computer. All you need to have is a headphone, internet connection and you are ready to make phone calls. For instance Skype is used all over the world to make phone calls from computer. Use your credit card to pay internet bills, make sure that it has insured with payment protection insurance. If you are unemployed, PPI claims will get activated to offer refund.

Widgets: It is software app used for web. With the help of Widgets you can subscribe to a feed, make donation and even do a specialist research.

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