Keyword Selection Tips for SEO

Optimizing your site for Google search engine can boost its ranking in the search results. But this needs some basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. When you search for some product or service on the internet, you definitely will use some keywords relevant to that aspect. It is logical to advertise our products and services on a site that is enriched with the required keywords. Here are some tips on how to select keywords for optimizing your website for the search engines.

Relevance to product or service

Purpose of using suitable keywords in the website is not just for optimizing your website for the search engine but also for reaching out to your customers. If your company is manufacturing environmental friendly bikes they need to know about that aspect. Merely using company brand name and words such as ‘bikes,’ ‘two wheelers,’ etc. would not be sufficient as there are many companies selling bikes. If you know what your customers will be looking for and what your product can give them only then you will be able to market your product and services effectively.

Let us just consider that your company manufactures food for cats and you need to optimize your website for search so that your products will be easily searched by Google. You need to know related key words apart from ‘cat’ and ‘food’ such as ‘cat food brand,’ ‘cat food review,’ ‘cat food ingredients,’ ‘nutro cat foods,’ etc. If you so some research online you will be able to find more suitable words that can highlight your company’s products and services.

Usage of keywords

You may also like to know if you can use these keywords repetitively. For example in the previous example there was ‘cat food’ was the common word in all the key words. You can use them repeatedly provided it should not be repeated excessively or looks out of context.

Another point to note is if the key word is too common then there is a chance that your product will be never shown in Google results unless your company is a highly reputed brand as there will be millions of such products. In such a case instead of using the standard keyword some other variants that define your products can be more useful. For example, if your company sells jewelry, instead of using the most common keyword ‘jewelry’ you can use ‘gold necklace,’ ‘platinum rings,’ ‘silver bracelets,’ etc.

Keyword Search Tool

Earlier there was a Google tool called ‘Wonderwheel’ which used to help marketers find available keywords and their relation with the topic. Due to some reasons Google took it off and replaced it with ‘Contextual targeting tool.’ This latest tool is considered to be even more effective. You just have to register in Google AdWords and sign in to use this tool. Apart from helping you increase traffic for your sites this tool can also help you to know the sites where your company’s ads can be posted for better advertising. You should make sure that the keywords you use

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