How Low Can Web Hosting Go?

Web hosting is great most of the time, but there are some hosts and some common policies that are just terrible. These are some of the low points in Web hosting that can keep you up at night worrying about your online business or if you made the right decision (which you probably didn’t if you are facing any of these problems). If you face any of these issues, then it might be time to change your host.

The “Unlimited Bandwidth” Fraud

Many newcomers think that unlimited bandwidth really means unlimited. Let’s be honest: why would people pay $100 or more a month for dedicated hosting if they could get unlimited bandwidth for less than $10? Not only that, but truly unlimited bandwidth is impossible because it would require all of the servers in the world to get anywhere close to being actually unlimited.

Unlimited bandwidth just means that you aren’t given a rigid amount of bandwidth, but you will usually get about 10GB or less, which just isn’t worth it. Go with a host that actually tells you how much bandwidth you are getting.

Terrible Uptime

Some people complain about how bad 99% uptime is because the standard is 99.9%, but there are some hosts that are much worse than this. There are a few hosts that are proudly featuring their 95% guaranteed uptime. Believe me, this is nothing to celebrate. 95% might sound good if you aren’t that experienced with Web hosting, but it’s a major problem in reality.

In a month’s time, your website will be done about 37 hours, meaning that you’re just getting 28.5 days of hosting a month. Your website will also be down 18 days throughout the year. If you’re trying to run a business, then this is the worst way to do it.

Loading Speeds

This is something that most hosts ignore because people usually don’t think about it and many hosts aren’t willing to tell. Loading speed refers to how fast the server is and it’s an incredibly important factor that affects your search engine rankings, customer approval and bounce rate.

If you want to make money online (or if you just want a functional website), then you can’t use a host with obsolete servers that aren’t capable of handling the needs of the common user. If your website is stalling because you have one picture or it can’t handle a blogging CMS, then you need to change immediately.

No Backup

You might not think that a backup procedure is very important, but it really is. You must use a host that backs up its servers if you don’t want to lose everything. Let’ say that a disaster happens like an earthquake or flood. If the host doesn’t have an backup files, then you will have to start your website from the very beginning. Hopefully you saved all of those posts that you wrote.

This is also a problem if there is a hacker. If someone defaces your website, then you might be unable to get your original content back. Failing to have a backup will hurt you at some point, believe me. There are thousands of angry people that hate the fact that their host wasn’t backing up their data. Choose a host that at least has a simple backup plan.

Customer Service

One of the worst things about many inferior Web hosts is that their customer service team is awful. They are outsourced from some other country, they barely understand English and (worst of all) they are only reading information from the computer to help your problem.

They don’t understand common Web hosting information. If you ask them above moving your website to another server, all you will get is a confused service member that won’t be able to understand.

Customer service is crucial if you want to keep your website running. Not only do the service members help you if your website has been hacked, but they can answer your other questions so that you can manage your website with confidence. You don’t need 24/7 service, but the staff should be knowledgeable.


Many Web hosts have all of these bad signs and factors. If you are facing any of these problems, then it’s time to choose another host. You can find great hosts for just $10 or less a month that have great representatives, an amazing uptime and great servers and hardware. It might require a bit of looking, but it’s worth it to get the right host.

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