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7 Things Each Webmaster Should Do On A Daily Basis

Eat five per day? Brush your teeth? Tickle a goat’s beard? Ideally, there are things a blog master should do every day if that blog master has a certain goal in mind. If the blog master is simply going with the flow, then there is little point in routinely doing anything. You should continue to play with your website as you please if that is the case.

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How Low Can Web Hosting Go?

Web hosting is great most of the time, but there are some hosts and some common policies that are just terrible. These are some of the low points in Web hosting that can keep you up at night worrying about your online business or if you made the right decision (which you probably didn’t if you are facing any of these problems). If you face any of these issues, then it might be time to change your host. Read more »