7 Things Each Webmaster Should Do On A Daily Basis

Eat five per day? Brush your teeth? Tickle a goat’s beard? Ideally, there are things a blog master should do every day if that blog master has a certain goal in mind. If the blog master is simply going with the flow, then there is little point in routinely doing anything. You should continue to play with your website as you please if that is the case.

If you do have a goal in mind, then you need to define that goal before you begin. You also need to set a time limit for the successful completion of that goal. If you do not have a time limit then you do not have a goal, you just have a dream. Once you have set your goal, you will need to work on a daily basis to accomplish that goal. That is where your “7 things each webmaster should do on a daily basis” list should come in. This list is in the order of priority, with number one being the highest priority.

1 – Do at least one thing to get you closer to your goal every day

Getting to your goal is not about money or luck; it is about repeated and unstoppable action. It is more about tenacity than it is about intelligence, experience or outside help. If you do at least one thing to get you closer to your goal every day, then you cannot help but make progress in the long run.

2 – Update your website in some small way

Even if it involves changing the “date updated” number at the bottom of the page. The search engines love the idea that you update your website every day. It means that your content is still fresh and useful. It is also an indication that you are working on your website frequently and that you are not neglecting it. This is going to help you rise up through the search engine results pages a lot quicker.

3 – Check your metrics to see the success of your current marketing campaign

You should really have your web metrics monitored. Google offer Google Analytics, which is a fairly comprehensive analytic program that they offer for free. You can use this to check things such as your traffic number, bounce rate, etc. Every day you should have at least one look at your metrics to see if you are doing the right thing with your marketing campaign. If you notice a downward trend in your traffic, then it is an indication that you need to change your current marketing method or message (or both).

4 – Tweet something about your website at least once

Twitter is the world’s second biggest social network and it has this great talent for allowing you to nag people. On other social media sites, if you posted something about your website every day then you would be ignored by the community at large. But, on Twitter, if you post something about your website every day, you will still have followers at the end of the week.

5 – Run a Google search for your top five keywords

This is to check to see if you have risen or fallen in the search engine results. It is also to check to see if you are not surrounded by negative things. These things may be such as negative reviews about your website or product, or even things such as being surrounded by competitors that undercut your prices.

6 – Work a little bit on your future Facebook posts

You do not need to put weeks worth of effort into your Facebook posts, because they will be forgotten within a week. But, do work a little bit on your posts every day, so that when you do post it, it will be good. Also, as an extra tip, you should save your older Facebook posts, tweak them a little, and then re-post them in a few months (or a year) when your loyal viewers have forgotten all about it.

7 – Check your progress towards your goal and analyze it

As you add to your plan and you work towards you goal every day, you are going to want to check your progress. Your goal should have a time limit, and you should also have a plan to achieve your goal. Check your progress against the progress you should have made, and think about what you may do differently in order to help you achieve your goal.

This may seem a little bit too much like thinking and not much like working. But, without checking your progress, how can you be sure that you are making any progress? You can make a donkey walk in circles every day if you like, safe in the knowledge that lots of work is being done, but it does not get the donkey anywhere.

Bio: Kate Funk coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills at tutortop.com.

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