10 Effective Ways for Designing Your Quality Website

Designing a website poses many overwhelming ideas. You have to decide on important aspects of your site such as the colour scheme, fonts, accessibility, functionality, design etc. The well thought out design of your site plays a massive role in driving quality traffic towards it. In order to gain the best results you can consult the experts of a certified marketing agency who will be more than capable of helping you achieve the desired results. The top ten effective ways to design a quality website are listed below:

Compatible with gadgets: There are many gadgets that are evolving on the market which is making site designers change their development strategy of a website so that it is compatible with these gadgets. The screen resolution also needs to be altered accordingly.

Huge background images: Utilising an impressive and huge image with high resolution as the background image will be really impressive and innovative; giving a new look to the page. Make sure that the font colour doesn’t get hidden in the image though.

Rich typography: The data present on the site is really important and can be made effective and eye catching through rich typography. Make use of different fonts and formats of the text and go with the current trends that will appeal to customers.

Parallax scrolling: It is process where different texts and images are displayed scrolling at different speeds along the page. This is one of the more innovative ways to provide a different view to the site.

Infographics: The traditional way of displaying text has been overtaken with the new trend of infographics. This is a concept whereby images are capable of expressing a message, as opposed to bog standard text. These infographics grab the users’ attention and fulfil their purpose efficiently.

Pallets: By using these pallets you can experiment with the colours in the grid like structure on the page. It is appreciated and liked by many users and has gained a huge amount of interest in a short span of time due to its simple accessibility.

Immense Freebies: Many people are addicted to downloading free things online such as word documents, PDFs, PPTs etc. so the site should be designed in such a manner that it can cope with all the different formats.

Metaphoric design: One of the great transformations that have taken place especially for web designers is metaphoric design. The visual metaphors are built in drop down shadows, user interface, round corners and gradients. It offers a perspective illusion of 3-Dimensional vision.

Pattern rhythm: There will be some elements that are repeated frequently on the site, this has to be maintained as per the necessity. The variation of elements is maintained through keys that are responsible for providing a visual rhythm.

Titles and logos: Utilising effective and catchy logos and titles will be impressive and create an impression on the users. These should be placed at the focus point instead of keeping them in the corners.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Gracie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Apart from blogging she does research on cash loans UK . Find out more about her and her finance related blogs at @financeport

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